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artisan pies

If you haven't yet had the good fortune of grabbing a slice of pizza at Mama Stellino's - you need to stop at The Midlands Kitchen soon.
It is the most delicious woodfired pizza!


The Florence

White sautéed mushrooms with rocket, garlic, goats cheese and roasted peppers

The Milan

Bacon, ham, salami, chorizo and grated parmesan

The Como

BBQ chicken, smoked mozzarella and coriander

The Amalfi

Pulled pork belly, sweet and spicy, garlic aioli, spring onion and mushrooms

The Italian

Make your own, off a base of Napoletana sauce on a thin woodfired pizza with a generous portion of mozzarella cheese

Feta / Mushroom / Bacon / Ham / Avocado / Pineapple