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artisan pies

We make up our juices daily from fresh fruit and vegetables that are sourced locally and in most cases from organic farmers



The Midlands Greenman

Green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach and lemon
✿ Cardiovascular

The Midmar

Contains pear, orange and mint. This juice is a super shot of Vitamin C
✿ Digestion

The Dargle

Watermelon, beetroot, mixed berries and ginger
✿ Cleansing and Weight Reduction

The Kamberg

Pineapple, celery, apple and lime - Rich in Vitamin C
✿ Decalcifying

The Windmills

Carrot, apple, ginger and orange - Rich in Vitamin A
✿ Blood Pressure

The Nottingham

Spinach, blueberries, apple, carrot and cucumber
✿ Brain Food

The Waterfall

Sweet melon, carrot, ginger
✿ Hydrating Energiser

The Rosetta

Pineapple, naartjie, orange, agave syrup and mineral water
✿ Immune Booster


Apple ✿ Decalcifying

Apple Cider Vinegar ✿ Alkalising

Banana ✿ Bowel Health

Broccoli ✿ Vitamin E, Magnesium

Beetroot ✿ Cleansing

Cabbage ✿ Vitamin K, C and B6

101 Carrots ✿ Eye Health

Celery ✿ Antioxidant & Vitamin B

Cinnamon ✿ Stomach Relief

Chilli ✿ Bowel Health

Cucumber ✿ Skin and Nails

Ginger ✿ Anti-nausea

Goji Berries ✿ Superfood

Grapefruit ✿ Cold Relief

Mint ✿ Helps IBS

Mixed Berries ✿ Antioxidant

Orange ✿ Blood Pressure

Pineapple ✿ Bones & Tissue

Strawberry ✿ Vitamin C

Tumeric ✿ Cancer & R 15 Anti-inflammatory