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What makes a Duban curry different? The heat - Durban curries are said to be much hotter. They often include sweet spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and you definitely won't find a Durban curry without curry leaves.



Chicken Curry

A traditional Durban curry made with free range chicken

Mutton Curry

A traditional Durban curry made with free range Karoo mutton

Bean Curry

A traditional broad bean curry made the way Durbanites love it

Chicken Breyani

Made with free range chicken and wholegrain rice

Mutton Breyani

Made with free range mutton and wholegrain rice

Vegetable Breyani

Made with an assortment of organic vegetables and wholegrain rice


Basmati Rice / Roti Bread / Sambals

Bunny Chow

Served with Sambals and Achar

A uniquely Durban inspiration - invented by Café owners (nickname for the Hindu mercantile class) as “Banias", who simply opened a hatch window passing through an edible package consisting of meal (curry), crockery and cutlery (bread loaf and hands) all in one. Now known simply as a “Bunny”


Curry Sandwich

A curry sandwich is the next best thing to a Bunny, served on homemade brown or white bread with sambals it makes for an alternative when on the run

  • Gourmet Chicken Curry
  • Gourmet Mutton Curry
  • Gourmet Vegetable Curry


A traditional Indian snack food, a samoosa is a fried or baked pastry envelope with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes and onions, corn and lentils or minced beef

Potato & Onion Samoosa  / Minced Mutton Samoosa