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artisan pies
Each delicious pie is lovingly handmade every day!!
Served fresh. Served hot. Served to go. Served to stay. Served to relish.


Beef & Onion Pie

Try this hearty meat pie, crisp pastry filled with tender chunks of beef in a rich gravy

Chicken, Bacon

Mushroom Pie Tender chicken breasts simmered with bacon, butter, mushrooms, onions and spices in a herb-infused chicken broth with cream wrapped into fresh puff pastry

Peri Peri Chicken Pie

Tender chicken breasts prepared with thyme, spices, onions and egg and a dash of peri peri, left to simmer before wrapping in fresh puff pastry

Pepper Steak Pie

Cubes of beef steak prepared with onion, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and spices with the final addition of premium black peppercorns resulting in our winning pie

Butternut & Potato Pie

A favourite with our vegetarians, butternut and potato cubes slowly roasted with coriander, feta and egg wrapped in fresh puff pastry

Cornish Pasty

This age-old traditional pie is a favourite with our pie followers, made with beef mince, locally sourced vegetables, cooked with garlic, onion and spices before being crafted into a pastry half moon

Sausage Roll

Spiced beef sausage covered with our own pastry, one of our favourites for the kids!