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artisan pies

Creamy, smooth and silky, gelato is an important part of Italian food culture. Meaning ‘frozen’ in Italian, gelato is different from regular ice cream in terms of ingredients, serving style and creaminess.



Served in sugar cones or bowls

Vanilla / Chocolate / White Chocolate / Hazelnut / Praline Pistachio / Mixed Berry / Tiramisu / Caramel Toffee


Our homemade waffles are freshly made in the Wild Child Gelato kitchen with a variety of toppings

Maple Syrup / Golden Syrup / Honey / Chocolate Sauce / Sprinkles / Icecream

Milk Shakes 350ml

Made with our homemade gelato mixed with a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup

Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry


Our homemade pancakes are freshly made in the Wild Child Gelato kitchen and are served either plain or with a filling of your choice

Nutella / Caramel / Banana / Cinnamon Sugar / Maple Syrup / Honey / Lemon Wedges / Icecream